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Kazari Residences’ 24/7 Security and Entrance Gate

One of the best features and amenities that Kazari Residences has is that it has a 24/7 security. As you all know, having a 24/7 security is one of the most important things to have in a subdivision. Every place can be a clear target for theft, vandalism, and other different crimes. But having a 24/7 security will ensure that these crimes will be deterred these crimes from happening. Another good thing about having security 24/7 is that they can control who enters the subdivision and they will also make sure that all the guests will sign in before they get to enter the community.

Kazari Residences’ Clubhouse

Another feature and amenity inside Kazari Residences is the clubhouse. If you are a person who is fond of holding events, then you can use the clubhouse for this. You no longer have to go somewhere else and drive around the city just to look for the perfect venue. Of course, if you are going to book the place, it would be best to book it ahead of time to secure the place for your upcoming events.

Parks and Playground

There will also be parks and playground where you can go for a jog or a brisk walk every single morning or even at night after work. The kids will surely enjoy playing around the playground, which can even serve as a place where they can do physical activities while still having fun. Having parks and playground in your subdivision will also help you practice your social skills, and as well as your children.

Underground Drainage System

Kazari Residences have their underground drainage system which will help collect all of the excess water. The excess water will then be transported using underground pipes to a much suitable area where waste water can be disposed. Residences can expect less to no muddy mess in their soil because the excess water in the subdivision will be drained properly.

Dasmarinas Water and Meralco Power Supply

Kazari Residences will also be watered by Dasmarinas’ own Dasmarinas Water and will have electricity supplied by Meralco Power. This means that residences don’t have to worry about anything ay all when it comes to this two most important necessities.

  • 24/7 Security
  • Entrance Gate
  • Clubhouse
  • Parks and Playground
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Dasmariñas Water
  • Meralco Power Supply
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